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Should you call the Doctor? Part 1 of 4 (Intro)

Many small technical software business owners started out as practicing professionals – animators working with 3ds Max, Civil engineers working with AutoCAD, Architects designing buildings in Revit, designers working with Alias Design and Inventor, and so on. They had a design problem to solve or saw an opportunity to create a great solution for themselves – and then took a leap of faith to take create a new business to commercialize the solution. Doctor with patient

So many small technology business owners/founders have relatively little experience running a business. They learned sales and marketing “on the job” and created a software development process on their own or with a very small team. The business grew organically as the software matured and customer relationships broadened and deepened. The great part is many many people created and grew great profitable businesses from scratch funded by business profits.

But as with all businesses, the time comes when the owner finds the business becoming difficult to manage and/or sales and profit growth slowing – and they are not sure “why” and “what to do”.

Is this you?

My next three blog posts will be all about “calling in the Doctor” to help you diagnose what is going on with your business and market – to help you get your business back on the rapid sales and profits growth path. I’ll be looking at three different situations when you should seriously consider “calling in the Doctor”.

  • Business Check-Up (time for your periodic general physical check-up)
  • Research (identifying growth opportunities)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (shopping your business and getting the maximum value)


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